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Perfogram's interactive streaming platform redefines the landscape for OTT and FAST channels, ushering in a new era of viewer engagement and monetization possibilities. With a focus on interactivity, Perfogram introduces a cutting-edge approach to advertising through advanced AI matching.

Contextual interactive advertisements are seamlessly woven into the viewing experience, tailored to match the viewer's profile. Imagine an advertisement that invites a direct purchase or provides in-depth information, transforming the passive viewer into an active participant. Moreover, envision a dynamic news bar where clicking allows you to delve deeper into stories of interest, creating a rich and non-linear viewership experience. Perfogram empowers OTT and FAST channels to unlock new monetization channels, enhance viewer engagement, and offer a truly interactive and personalized content journey.

Media, OTT & FAST

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Revolutionizing News

In the realm of news broadcasting, Perfogram's innovative technology brings a paradigm shift to the viewer experience. Imagine a news segment where the information is not just presented but actively involves the audience.

With Perfogram, news shows become interactive, allowing viewers to click on the news bar for deeper insights or explore related videos. The engagement doesn't end there! Perfogram's AI will continuously work on the personalisation news bar to match the interests of the viewers, offering an unprecedented news viewership experience.

Interactive Mobile Companion

Perfogram redefines the Video-On-Demand (VOD) watching experience by seamlessly integrating a mobile companion that caters to the modern viewer's desire for more information and interaction.


With a significant number of viewers engaging in second-screen activities while watching TV shows and movies, Perfogram provides a solution to enhance their engagement. Imagine watching a film, and with a click, accessing real-time information about the actors, shooting locations, or even details about the clothing they're wearing.


This mobile companion becomes a treasure trove of contextual information, transforming the passive viewing experience into an interactive journey. Viewers can not only learn more about what they're watching but also engage further, making purchases related to the content, such as booking the resort featured in a film or purchasing the attire worn by a favorite actor. Perfogram enriches the VOD experience, turning it into an immersive and informative adventure for the modern, multi-screen audience.

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Contextual & Personalised Advertising

Perfogram empowers media channels and businesses with the dynamic capabilities of Contextual and Personalized Advertising, ushering in a new era of engagement and impact. Through sophisticated AI and real-time analytics, Perfogram tailors advertisements to seamlessly integrate with the viewer's context and profile, ensuring relevance and resonance.

This contextual approach goes beyond traditional demographics, considering factors such as viewing habits, preferences, and real-time interactions. As a result, each viewer experiences personalized content that aligns with their interests, creating a more meaningful and engaging advertising journey.


This precision in targeting leads to a higher click-through-rates, maximizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The result is a win-win situation where advertisers benefit from increased engagement, and media channels generate higher revenue by showcasing more relevant and compelling ads.


Perfogram, with its cutting-edge AI viewer-ad matching, revolutionizes the advertising landscape, turning personalized content into a powerful driver of financial success for media partners.

Social Watching

Experience the future of entertainment with Perfogram's innovative social watching feature.


Viewers can seamlessly invite friends to join them on-screen, creating a virtual space for shared laughter, comments, and enjoyment.


Imagine perfectly synchronized videos that enable friends to watch together in real-time, regardless of their physical locations. With synchronized playback, everyone is on the same page, creating a unique and immersive social watching experience. Whether it's a sport, comedy, drama, or any favorite content, Perfogram brings people together, fostering a sense of connection as they share reactions and comments in real-time.

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