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Perfogram offers a secure, scalable, and interactive screen technology for seamless Contest Gameshows. Media channels can elevate contest shows, turning every viewer into a player. Content creators effortlessly infuse gamification with a few clicks, allowing them to focus on crafting compelling content.

Let Perfogram turn your shows into a captivating experience!

Interactive Games

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Unique Engaging Experience 

While traditional game shows have been a mainstay of cable television, the advent of innovative games like 1 vs 100 on Xbox, trivia apps like HQ Trivia, and streaming platforms like Twitch has ushered in a new era of live interactive entertainment. These games attract sizable online audiences, existing exclusively in the digital realm.

When it comes to content requiring minimal latency in video delivery, look no further. Perfogram provides essential tools to swiftly develop and expand your own trivia or contest show.

Alternatively, collaborate with your development team. Whether you're contemplating the launch of a trivia or game show app or aiming to rejuvenate a classic format, Perfogram stands ready to assist.

Aratok Contest Shows

Aratok a prominent live game show app and website in the MENA market, draws thousands of participants to its four weekly games, offering lucrative cash prizes.


As a testament to its commitment to secure and stable streaming, Aratok has partnered with Perfogram.

During the live game show, the host poses real-time trivia questions for viewers to answer. The host seamlessly interacts with responses and players chat messages, viewer data, engagement metrics, and more displayed on the autocue (teleprompter), ensuring a flawless feedback loop. This collaboration exemplifies a comprehensive and responsive interactive experience.

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