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Unlock Viewer Engagement with

Perfogram's Revolutionary Streaming!

All-in-one Interactive Video Solution

AI Optimized Streaming

From video hosting to encoding to streaming, we offer a full streaming solutions tailored for media channels and video content creators. Our secure and scalable infrastructure, powered by AI optimization, ensures a robust and reliable video delivery. Your relationship with your audience no longer requires using additional third-party platforms. Perfogram's allows you to integrate and control all its features and capabilities into your own websites and apps.


User Engagement

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the next era of streaming with Perfogram's Interactivity, where cutting-edge technology facilitates real-time interaction seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience. From engaging live questions & polls to convenient on-screen purchases, Perfogram ingeniously transforms passive viewers into dynamic and active participants, ensuring a captivating and immersive streaming adventure.


Revenue Amplification

Unlock unlimited new monetization opportunities with on-screen interactivity, synchronized mobile companion apps, social features, gamification, and more. In-stream shopping and payments, with AI-optimized interactive advertising, transform video streams into powerful monetization hubs.


Audience Ownership

Unlike other video platforms that wield algorithmic dominance and impose monetization restrictions, Perfogram empowers you with direct control on your own website or app. Take charge of your relationship with the audience, ensuring a personalized and unrestricted experience. While maintaining the flexibility to stream on various platforms and social media, Perfogram puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to navigate and shape your content strategy independently.


About us


Founded by ambitious team with deep academic and industrial expertise in AI, Video Processing and Analytics. Perfogram is now a leading startup in Interactive Live Streaming, with leading B2C and B2B products.


The new media should be interactive, participatory and inclusive.  We are revolutionising the traditional passive broadcast paradigm and replacing it with a compelling interactive experience.  


Perfogram's technology addresses the complex problem of delivering real-time interactive streams at scale, using state-of-the-art streaming and real-time databases all supported by AI and highest standards of security.

Customers & Partners

The Founders

Founded by ambitious team with deep expertise in Video Analytics and Processing. Perfogram is now a pioneering startup in Interactive Live Streaming with leading B2C and B2B products.

Rami Albatal - CEO Perfogram

Dr. Rami Albatal


Rami Albatal Linked-in profile
Dr. Zaher Hinbarji - CTO Perfogram

Dr. Zaher Hinbarji


Rami Albatal Linked-in profile
Moohamad Hinbarji

Moohamad Hinbarji


Rami Albatal Linked-in profile
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